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RANKINGOUT OF is a platform that provides comprehensive information of MPs’, their performance and productivity of the Parliament. It is a platform for the voters and their representatives in the Lok Sabha to maintain direct interaction. Our goal is to create transparency in between so that the electorals can track the functioning and performace of their respective MP in different aspects. We aim to generate healthy competition among the MPs and reinforce public confidence in democracy and democratic institutions by enhancing and fortifying the parliamentary system. We are a team of experienced and analytical researchers who functioning of the MPs and tailor it to people’s understanding.

Parliamentary Business is owned by PB Broadcast Media Pvt Ltd, a Media Company, founded in 2013 by Mr Neeraj Gupta. Supported by and based on Research Doc.‘Representatives at Work’ done by Center for Democracy and Peace a research center of Mass For Awareness non governmental organizations.


PB Broadcast Media is located in green full New Delhi, India. Founded in 2013 by Mr Neeraj Gupta. We’re a media company with presence in the Digital Media. We are engaged mainly in the business of evaluating Performance of Parliament & MPs, broadcasting of news etc. Aim of PB Broadcast Media Private Limited is to provide a meaningful platform where people can evaluate Performance and interact with their representatives and been aware with our Democratic & Parliamentary System.

Center for Democracy and Peace (CDP) Research center of organization Mass for Awareness.Every year we publish a research document on the performance of members of the Lok Sabha with title ‘Representatives at Work’. Its like a report card on performance of all 545Lok Sabha members.Continuously eight reports have been published on yearly basis. In this report we research and analysis functioning of Lok Sabha. This report is being considered as highly important document by the parliamentarians, academicians, research fellows and Indian media.

Vote for India campaign that is a programme of voluntary organization called Mass for Awareness. It works to promote democratic values. It makes voters aware to realize value of their invaluable vote for strengthening democracy.

Vote for India dreams for a democratic India where people's healthy participation would be a decisive factor for building the nation.

Mass for Awareness is a voluntary organization which works for creating awareness among people about their fundamental rights and freedom. Organization has been working for making voters aware about realizing value of their invaluable vote.

Human being needs five vital elements to live: water, air, earth, fire and sky without these elements human life is not possible. But if we are not aware of the criticality of all these then we are like lifeless objects. Our aim is to make people aware about social evils which can be a threat to human life.



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