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The data on Parliamentary Business has been taken from the information and bulletin available on the official Lok Sabha website issued by the Parliament. Moreover, broadcast and live telecast of parliamentary sessions on Lok Sabha TV have also been referred for gathering these figures.

If there is any error correction on the Lok Sabha website, we shall not be responsible for it.

The information provided by Parliamentary Business is not meant to demean any individual, organization or the democratic establishment of the nation; rather, it aims to reinforce public confidence in democracy and democratic institutions by enhancing and fortifying parliamentary system.

The honors the dignity and privileges of honorable MPs. The rating and positioning of MPs showed here is not the assurance of their capabilities, but it clarifies their activities in a specific session and their support in the pre-decided exercises of the House.

Its main objective is to generate healthy competition among the people's representatives and to provide a platform to the public and their representatives, so that they can maintain a direct and better interaction among themselves, which will benefit the public and the representatives of their area.

These figures are tailored to people’s understanding by the Parliamentary Business and the research centre ‘Centre for Democracy and Peace’ by non-governmental organization ‘Mass for Awareness.’

While all due care has been taken to avoid errors in the use of facts, if a Member of Parliament or a person feels that there is a mistake in the information related to them, he/she can provide us with factual documents which our team will examine at their level and will try to rectify the mistake if any.

The figures shown on this website are related to the work of respected representatives of the country; therefore, a mutual sense of respect is expected while posting a response.

If any person uses abusive language or unconstitutional words on the Parliamentary Business website, he/she will be held responsible for it. There will be no liability of our website in any legal process.



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