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Parliamentary Business Team
Parliamentary Business Team | 18 Mar, 2020 | 12:00 am

17TH DAY of the Lok Sabha witnessed another productive day of the session.  The discussion on demands and grants under the control of railways continued even on the 17th day as well. 

Railways needs funds, privatization is the only way out
No fatalities in train accident in financial year 2019-
Today productivity touched the mark of 119%

Further, today during question hour giving reply to one of the question on malnutrition cabinet minister Smriti Irani urged the various state governments to cooperate in order to make “Poshan Pakhwada” a success. Today productivity touched the mark of 119% which is really commendable.


Yesterday Lok Sabha worked for more than 12 hours which compelled us to have higher expectations from the parliamentarians. At certain extent it was fulfilled also as total number of questions selected surged to 451.

In which 140 questions were for the minister of Health and Family Welfare, 93 questions were for the minister of environment, forest and climate change and 64 questions for the minister of women and child development.

But the participation in asking questions remained average as out of 498 eligible parliamentarians who could ask written questions, only 282 participated, in which 236 were male parliamentarians and a slight surge was seen as 46 out of 73 female parliamentarians participated.  No matter what your size is or which state you represent, what matters is whether  you are discharging your duty and responsibility or not.

The states of Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland are small in size but that hardly matters, what matters is the deprivation of the mass from representation as their representatives did not ask even a single question.

However, a slight improvement It is seen as 20 (57.14) parliamentarians from Bihar asked questions. It seems as if the states of Uttarakhand 1 (25%), Punjab 3(28%), Jammu and Kashmir 1 (20%) have committed not to improve at all. Surprisingly, they are not alone Parliamentarians from big states including West Bengal 16 (40%) Madhya Pradesh 12 (46%) Uttar Pradesh 32 (45%) is giving them a good company with their highly commendable performance.

But there is always a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. The states of Tamilnadu 27(69%), Telangana 10(62.5%), Karnataka 15(60%), Kerala 12(60%), Gujarat 17(68%), Jharkhand 8(61%) justify the statement with their performance. Now even we are also tired of writing Maharashtra as a top performer on a continuous basis and expecting some other state to pop up and replace Maharashtra 41(91.11%) from the top notch.

Among the political parties the members from AIMIM, TDP, NCP, AIUDF, AJSUP, RLP, RSP and SKM had 100% participation in asking written questions.

The prominent players including Shiv Sena 16(89%), DMK 18(75%), JD(U) 10(62.5) continue to utilize the chances to its optimum.

The two compatriots, BJP 151(58.3%) and the Indian National Congress 27(52%) still hovering around this mark.


After discussion while addressing the Lok Sabha cabinet minister Piyush Goyal made the following mentions:

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal supported the privatisation of railways

No fatalities in train accident in financial year 2019-

Railways needs funds, privatization is the only way out

Railway budget increased by 5 times in last 5 years

Delay in projects due to lack of support of states 

7 sisters states are now within the purview of Indian Railways.

Project over Chenav River underway, highest railway bridge will connect Baramullah to Kanyakumari

5200 kilometers railway tracks have been electrified 

Solar mega plants to be installed, Capacity of 30000 MW

5121 railway station connected with WIFI

Indian railways will be first railway to be 100 percent electrified in the world

Indian Railways reduced water consumption to 1500 litres for cleaning of tain coaches from 16500 litres

Capacity of modern coach factory Raebareli is doubled, will deliver 2000 LHB coaches by 31st March 2020.

The lower house also took on the discussion for Demands and Grants under the control of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. It saw another vibrant attitude and participation.

As it was underway, the speaker adjourned the house till 11 a.m. 16th March.


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