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Parliamentary Business Team
Parliamentary Business Team | 25 Mar, 2020 | 12:00 am

"India lead the world in eradicating to silent killers smallpox and polio. India has tremendous capacity to combat ccvid-19”, these words of Dr. Michael J. Ryan projects the immense potential India has, and it can lead the world at forefront in eradicating covid-19.

Lockdown for 21 days. Stay at home
Essential services will be provided by the government
There will be no shortage of Edible items.
Package of Rs15000cr. released by the government to combat the pandemic

Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared a 3 week nationwide lockdown starting midnight as it is the only way to break the COVID-19 infection cycle. In his second address to the nation PM Narendra Modi declared a Pan India lockdown to contain COVID- 19. He further expressed that the country will have to bear a huge economic cost but health is the priority.

He made a humble appeal to the countrymen to stay in their homes as the next 21 days are very crucial to each one of us. If react frivolous it will leave us with a catastrophic outcome.

Life is too short to commit mistakes and learn so we should learn from the mistakes committed by others also. Quoting the examples of the developed and medically well equipped Nations like Italy , France, USA who have failed miserably in combating the pandemic, PM stressed upon social distancing and requested the citizens to follow the advisory and take the necessary precautions directed by the states and not to take any medicine without seeking medical advice as the vaccine for the COVID-19 has not yet been developed.

This lockdown is even stringent than curfew. Earlier a call made by the prime minister for Janata curfew witnessed an unprecedented support by the people of the country. 

In this tough time, in order to avoid confusion and ruckus a list has been released by the government which clarifies about the services which will be available during lockdown as well.

The nation white lockdown braces in its purview the following :-

Offices of the Government of India and Public Corporation shall remain closed.

Industrial establishment shall remain closed.

All transport including air rail and Roadways are suspended.

Hospitality Services are also suspended.

All places of gathering which includes educational and training Institutions, religious places, political, social, sports  events are also suspended.

In case of last rites and funerals congregation of more than 20 people is not allowed.

However this lockdown is not enforceable on the following:-

Ration shops (PDS), shops dealing with food groceries, fruits and vegetables, dairy and milk booths, meat and fish, animal fodder.

Delivery of all essential goods including food, pharmaceuticals, medical equipments through e-commerce 

Public utilities like petroleum, CNG ,LPG ,PNG

Police ,home guards ,civil defence, electricity ,water, sanitation, district Administration and treasury transportation for essential goods ,fire, law and order and emergency services hotels hotels Lodges which are accommodating tourist and persons stranded due to lockdown.

Banks ,ATMs print and electronic media.

In order to contain the spread of the corona virus the government of India is taking measures at war footing. A budget of Rs 15000 cr. has been released and it is also setting up the required medical infrastructure at rapid pace.


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